viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2009

All the justice in the world is wrong

All the things of the global justice is wrong. The good people in the world must be together in this moment. I now that in USA there´s a lot of good people, people that thinks like the most of world people. The petroliferans interesteds, the money, and the war, are not the way to the justice for the poor humans. Millions of poors and fanantics peoples use those things for made bad to Occident and USA, because we live fantastic in our wonderfull world with tv, cinemas, bigs cars, moviles telephones,etc.... . Our gobernments must be understand that the people of the world wants changes in this moment about his actions. "2012 the end of the world is only amovie ", but all is in crisis in this moment: rich petroleliferans mans, banks, wars peoples, farmaceutics interesteds,etc......the global change is here. ¿What future will be for our kids, and for the gobernements kids too?????

I´m sorry because my english is bad, but I want to send a BIG KISS for the good people of EEUU that is seeing this blog (in the west coast, in the east coast, in all country), thank you, and please, talk to your frinds about this things.....bye........

Juan Carlos Moreno

someone in the world

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